YourStory Brand Residency is an exclusive 2-day event for early startup founders like no other.

Chock-a-block with panel discussions, fireside chats, networking sessions, product pitches  and one-on-ones with founders of some of India’s hottest startups, the residency will help you understand critical social, cultural, environmental, and business trends that define today’s post-pandemic marketplace.

Who's attending
Founders & CxOs
Neo-brand builders looking to break into the Indian marketplace
VCs with skin in the consumer goods and consumer tech game
Government officials
‘Make in India’ champions & startup
ecosystem patrons
Services providers
Backenders of the product ecosystem
Retailers & D2C
players currently navigating the Indian startup universe
Why attend
how the world’s leading brands are influencing behavior at scale, empowering consumers to become champions for a sustainable future
Get real insights
on new strategies to navigate the industry
Connect & network
with industry experts, discuss current and future strategies/trends in consumer brands
What’s on the agenda
The rise of quick commerce
Challenges in taking India global
Managing sustainability in retail
Emerging retail technologies
The art of brand building
Balancing scale and growth
Understanding logistics & supply chain
Innovations in marketing
The power of AI-powered solutions
The rise of voice commerce
Managing personalized customer experiences
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